Monday, June 23, 2008

The Search for the Almasty Continues...

Well, after having had Net-hassles the last couple of days that left me unable to update you on the Russian expedition, I'm back online - at the same time that, over in the UK, Jon Downes has now lost his Net connection (hopefully until tomorrow at the latest)!

I spoke with Jon on the phone earlier and we joked that if we were of a more paranoid nature, we might conclude there's something sinister in all this!

But, no: it's just due to good old technology and bad weather.

Anyway, there is something to report from Jon regarding the search for the Almasty, and it's this:

"Adam Davies telephoned us from Nalchik airport. All the team have arrived in Kabardino Balkaria safe and sound, with their baggage and equipment intact, and furthermore, they have liased as arranged with Grigoriy Panchenko and his colleagues who have been doing advance research in the region for the last two weeks. Excitingly it appears that Panchenko and his compadres have already secured some faecal samples, as well as some bone fragments supposedly from a skull which may be of an Almasty."

Now, we shouldn't, of course, get too excited until we can say something (or nothing!) definitive about this "skull" issue, but at least things are progressing and work is being done - which is the main thing.

Expect more as soon as I have it!

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