Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Creatures Cases - Various

I'm running around like a headless chicken today with various projects, so it's just a quick post today, courtesy of the always-excellent Anomalist:

Cryptid Long-Tailed Wildcats Cryptomundo. Here is a roundup of some cases of long-tailed spotted and striped small mysterious and not-so-mysterious cats. With felid images. Meanwhile, The Paranormal Pastor, Pastor Swope, recounts his own encounter with a large bird in Thunderbirds Over Western Pennsylvania. Also, Seeking Searle: Nessie Hunter and Call for Cryptozoology Papers.

1 comment:

cryptidsrus said...

Love the heads up on the new Pastor site!!!

Excellent sighting. I think Loren would love to hear from him.

I put a post over on his site. Unusual thing he said---the bird "had no neck."
Never heard of that before, Nick.

Love the fact that he's a pastor AND a heavy metal fan. Cool beans!
Forteans DO come in all shapes and sizes.