Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CFZ Yearbooks - Back in Print

As part of its ambitious plan to re-publish all of its early (and largely now-hard-to-find) self-published books of the mid-to-late 1990s and of the first couple of years of this century, the CFZ has just re-released four of its older titles.

The books in question are professionally repackaged versions of the CFZ Yearbooks for 1997; 1998; 2000/2001; and 2002.

I haven't had chance to read them all yet; however, they collectively contain excellent papers and articles on some notable subjects, including: (1) the Big Gray Man of Ben MacDhui; (2) Cryptozoology at the movies; (3) the mysterious monkeys of Hong Kong; (4) Morgawr, the sea-dragon; (5) the legend of Boggy Creek; (6) the controversy surrounding stories of still-living dinosaurs; (7) the Lambton Worm; (8) Puerto Rico's Chupacabras; (9) giant crocodiles; (10) an A to Z of water-monsters; and much more.

For those that didn't have chance to get these books when they were first published, this is a great opportunity to do so now. And if you invest in all four titles, for a very reasonable price you get nearly 800 pages of material that is guaranteed to keep you interested for a very long time!

The other good news it that, with these four republished titles, every single one of the old CFZ Yearbooks are now in print again.

Here's the link to where you can purchase both this year's edition and all the old ones.

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