Monday, June 2, 2008

Linda Godfrey's Werewolves

Last week I received in the mail a review copy of Linda Godfrey's latest book: Werewolves. As many of you will know, Linda has already written two excellent books on all things wolfish, hairy and monstrous: The Beast of Bray Road and Hunting the American Werewolf.

Well, now you have the chance to get your teeth (and claws maybe...?) into her new title. Published by Chelsea House, it's one of a series of books that the company has published under its "Mysteries, Legends and Unexplained Phenomena" banner (the other titles in the series are Astrology and Divination; ESP, Psychokinesis, and Psychics; UFOs and Aliens; and Ghosts and Haunted Places.

With that said, I finished reading the book last night, and I can certainly say that it's an excellent addition to Linda's werewolf-driven output. Written in a bright, entertaining and easy to read style, the book is one that can be devoured by students of Linda's previous works, and newcomers to the subject, too.

In its pages you'll find much on (A) the history, folklore and legends pertaining to werewolves; (B) theories on what they might or might not be (such as literal werewolves, paranormal entities; unknown animals; constructs of the human mind; and more); (C) a wealth of credible reports of encounters with apparent werewolves across the United States and overseas; (D) details of Linda's own investigations in her home-state of Wisconsin; (E) the essential tools of the trade that you'll need if you are thinking of going on a werewolf hunt; (F) a good resource section on werewolves in print, in the movies, and on the Net; and (G) a time-line that spans the centuries and reveals some of the most significant cases and moments in werewolf lore.

If you haven't read any books on werewolves in the real world, as opposed to purely in the domain of fiction, this book is a great place to start.

And if you're already a big fan of Linda's work (and if you're not already, then why not?!) you will be as informed, intrigued and entertained by Werewolves as you were by her previous titles.


cryptidsrus said...

Thanks for the review and info, Nick!!!

Definitely looking forward to getting this soon!!!
"Starred and Flagged!!!"

fragrantsoul said...

Great review, I will hunt this down. Thanks!