Thursday, June 5, 2008


Over at The Anomalist today:

Seljord Serpent Filmed: Blobdracontology? Cryptomundo. Extreme Expeditions author Adam Davies filmed "Selma" while in Norway in 1999. The clip is now posted on YouTube. Can computer enhancement of the images reveal the monster in the medium? Also from Cryptomundo today there's Blobsquatch in the Expanded Field, Beasts of Bladenboro & Bolivia Revisited and Mokele Mbembe en Espanol, a Spanish language video with some textual commentary in English.

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cryptidsrus said...

Two things:

1) I put this on Cryptomundo. I actually enjoyed the Beast of Bladenboro episode. Surprisingly, it was not boring. Very interesting. They actually came up with a good, plausible explanation as to what was the cause of the killings. Cougar. But the question still remains...if this WAS a cougar, why were the dog and goats merely desanguinated, not eaten? Can they also travel 200 miles each way just to suck the blood out of something?

Also, that track that was featured bothered me and other people. I'm an amateur in this, but I agree with others that that does not look like a cougar track. Wolverine, possibly? I don't think that was a dog, though...

2) The "Selma" video was just crazy. I'm sorry, it is just too indistinct, jumpy, and everything else. It's not even a "blob." Cannot even really make out anything. Apparently something was seen but the people who took this were just too excited and/or nervous to film "it" probably. Like I said on Loren's site, nice try, though. Sort of.

Thank you fo putting this information out, Nick...