Monday, September 21, 2009

Kithra Comments

The always-sensible Kithra has the following to say about that certain weird-looking beast that has been in the news lately:

"A few days ago reports began to surface from Panama of what some people are calling another Montauk Monster. Naturally, this story has now gone viral on the Internet, and I was surprised to read about it in one of the UK’s reputable newspapers.

"Pictures show the hairless body and repellent features of “something” that is very similar to the creature seen on the New York coast last year. The story concerning this new find relates how four teenagers, aged between 14 and 16, saw the animal crawling from a cave north of Panama City.

"They were so frightened by what they saw that they killed it with sticks and stones, and then threw its body into a pool of water. Sometime later they returned and took photographs of the carcass that were then posted on the web.

"Over at the Cryptomundo website Loren Coleman has also written about this discovery, and put up some pictures, under the heading of: “The Blue Hill Horror.” This particular post by Loren has so far produced 56 Responses.

"Another very good article about it is from Micah Hanks at his Gralien Report website, entitled: “Strange “Blue Hill Creature” Photographed in Panama (or not).” His piece also references other websites that contain more information and are well worth checking out.

"It would seem that most Cryptozoologists now believe that the creature in this story is nothing but a dead Giant Tree Sloth. And I agree with them."

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