Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Catching Up!

Well, after nearly a week of chasing mysterious beasts in the woods of Wisconsin, and then lecturing in Angel Fire, New Mexico over the weekend on such creatures as the Chupacabra, Bigfoot, lake-monsters, werewolves and much more, I finally made it home - the only hitch being a flat car-battery when I got back to DFW Airport; which wasn't much fun at midnight last night!!

Anyway, enough of that. Here's a few things that you may have missed over the last few days:

1. From The Anomalist:
Cryptoelephants Cryptomundo. Loren Coleman reviews the new book, Guide Des Animaux Caches, by the French author Philippe Coudray who theorizes in his writing that an unfossilized tusk discovered in Ethiopia in 1904 may indicate some prehistoric elephant ancestors could still be roaming the most out-of-the-way areas of the Dark Continent. Coleman reviews more of Coudray's depictions of cryptids in Guides Des Animaux Caches. With many images in both reviews. Elsewhere, reports of a curious arrangement between the British Natural History museum and a British betting agency make news in Loch Ness Monster Curious Museum Bookie Arrangement. Meanwhile, another cryptid is featured in the report Mongolian Death Worm Hunters Return With Film but no Creature.

2. Also from The Anomalist:
Full Screen of KY Bigfoot/Crow Blogsquatcher. A recent trailcam picture believed to show something that resembled a Bigfoot in a Kentucky man's garden has been analyzed. Here are some comparison photos that show what really visited the Kentucky garden. Meanwhile, a search for cryptids is about to get underway in Sumatra, and there's a video interview with one ot the mission's key members in Interview with Richard Freeman on the Eve of the Expedition.

3. Yep, another from The Anomalist:
Where the BHMs (Big Hairy Monsters) Are Rutland Herald. Perhaps it's because Vermont is one of the oldest states in the US, but whatever the reason, there's no doubting the state has a unique collection of monster sightings. Here Daniel Barlow reviews Joseph Citro's The Vermont Monster Guide. Key quote: "What about the bats with human faces sighted outside Rutland? How about the pet-eating Pigman of Northfield? Or the cats with freakiishly long legs that roam the dumpsters in Burlington?" With images and a long listing of monsters to be found in Citro's new book.

Cryptozoo Museum Opens In Downtown Portland Cryptomundo. It has taken six years, but as of November 1, 2009, the International Cryptozoology Museum will open to the public in a permanent space in downtown Portland, Maine. The museum will be sharing the space with Green Hand Books, owned by Michelle Souliere, an anomalist and editor of the Strange Maine Newsletter. Loren Coleman provides details of what the museum will exhibit and explains the “Fayette coincidence” of its location.

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