Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Fortean Anniversary

Good friend Micah Hanks has a new post on the so-called "Texas Chupacabras" (or, hairless canids) that makes for interesting reading. As Micah says:

"I found this interesting bit of synchronicity today: reports coming out of Texas are describing what is being dubbed a 'Chupacabra', now in the possession of a San Antonio area Taxidermist named Jerry Ayers. 'It got into his cousin’s barn and they thought maybe it was a rodent tearing stuff up, and they no idea since they’ve never seen it,' said Ayers. 'He got out some poison and this is what they got the next day.' Kold News 13 reported on the story earlier today (September 1st)…

"…which marks the anniversary of another Chupacabra discovery in nearby Cuerto, Texas, dating back to 2007. Fox News reported on the find in an article titled 'Texas Woman Claims to Have Found Mythical ‘Chupacabra' on the same date two years ago. Although both critters are likely coyotes or foxes suffering from mange, it is strange synchronicity nonetheless that the two reports would both appear at the same time of year, right down to the exact date. Does this indicate any sort of trend about weather, habitat, feeding habits, etc that might indicate what causes these creatures to appear at specific times? Or, in the likely case that it is a known animal suffering from effects of a skin condition, does this provide insight into a cause for the ailment?"

Micah continues right here...

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