Monday, September 21, 2009

From The Anomalist...

From The Anomalist:

Destination Truth Trips Over Aluxob Cryptomundo. Dan Gannon, who has studied reports of Proto-Pygmies for several years and assisted the program “Destination Truth” with their recent Alux shoot, critiques the recently screened episode. Gannon raises seven objections, on of which is: " Despite the fact that the Aluxob have been extensively and consistently documented and described, in Spanish-Mexican culture for more than 500 years, the program seriously corrupted the description, falsely portraying Aluxob as hairy all over their bodies, and with big fangs, and “carnivorous teeth,” which is not accurate, at all." Also on Cryptomundo, a Call To Muralists: CZ Museum Needs You and Loren Coleman hopes to See Ya In Tyler & Indiana.

Encounters with Werewolves From the Shadows. Legends of werewolves are taken seriously by those who have reportedly seen the mythical beasts. Whether crossing roads in dark woods or chasing frightened teens through a suburban golf course, any of these witnesses will tell you they wouldn't believe the stories they tell if they hadn't seen it themselves. Throughout the years, those who witness the man-beast describe it as over six feet tall, muscular, bi-pedal and generally, very unfriendly. Yet, not all legends reside in remote places. One witness reports that his sighting wasn't "out in the woods or at a secluded cabin, but in Tempe, Arizona.” Elsewhere, no physical evidence has been found by officials of the State of New Hampshire confirming the existence of the state's first cougar in 140 years, but NH Takes Sightings Seriously.

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