Monday, June 1, 2009

The Penn. Bigfoot

This just in from Eric Altman:

Reports in Pennsylvania of Bigfoot activity as of late have been on the increase. After the past two years of little reported activity, 2009 appears to be off to a busy start. The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society and its members have been investigating several cases reported to us in various counties through out the state. Here is a brief run down of reports in Pennsylvania we have recieved thus far and/or our members are currently following up/investigating thus far. Please note: Several reports submitted were not able to be properly followed up on because of lack of contact information or failure to respond to our attempts to contact the witness. Those reports remain inconclusive and unverified.

5/30/2009 Beaver County: Unusual human like track discovered and casted by PBS Brian and Terrie Seech in State Park. Investigation ongoing.

5/26/09 Elk County: Young men riding quads at dusk hear large animal moving through brush. It appears to be following them. They quickly flee the area. PBS member followed up with witness and discovered other unusual activity in the area including past sightings, and loud vocalizations being heard. Sporadic activity reportedly ongoing over the course of past several years. Investigation being conducted by PBS members Dave and Carie Rupert.

5/2009 Clearfield County: Historic and ongoing activity reported and being investigated by PBS members Sean Forker and Ernie Delp.
5/9/09 Blair County: Turkey Hunter sees an approximately a human like creature walking away from him at approximately 75 yards. He describes the creature as 7 foot tall weighing 300 to 400 lbs, covered in reddish brown hair and walking hunched over. Creature walked away into thick brush. Investigation on going at this time. PBS investigation being conducted by PBS member Mark Plowman.

5/08/09 Pike County: Man driving home at approximately 11:00 pm witnesses a hair covered creature cross in front of his car. He stops and exits the car. Watches the creature walk into the tree line, stop, turn and crouch down. He yells out at the creature and reports hearing growls from the creature. PBS member Steve Ujvari investigated, found possible tracks on side of the road and believes the witness to be credible. Investigation is ongoing.

5/04/09 Delaware County: Woman driving north outside of Media PA claims she witnesses a creature standing on top of a hillside along the highway. She describes the creature as being approximately six foot tall, not very large in size and covered in long reddish brown hair. Several attempts to contact the witness by PBS member Kurt Straus have failed. No other contact information was supplied. Investigation ongoing.

2/09/09 Tioga County: Young man hiking in the evening claims he was paralleled by an all brown upright walking creature. PBS member unable to reach witness to follow up. PBS members Sean Forker and Ernie Delp following up.

2/03/09 Lackawana County: While hiking in a wooded area, a woman and her daughter sight a chestnut colored creature which they first believe is a bear, until the creature stands up and walks away on two legs. No contact information given, unable to locate witness. Investigation inconclusive.

January through March 2009 Indiana County: Ongoing activity carrying over from sightings in 2007 and 2008. Unusual vocalizations recorded, three unusual human like track discoveries in different locations. Ongoing investigation in area. PBS Eric Altman, Dave Dragosin and Dave Rupert currently investigating.

Again, this is all reported activity to the PA Bigfoot Society which we are working to verify the legitimacy of. Investigations are on going in many of these cases with no conclusive evidence collected at this point. Reports are on the increase and as things develop we will update information on our website.

Thank you

Eric Altman

Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society Director

Beyond The Edge Radio Host/Producer

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