Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Many Monsters!

Having been offline a few days, there's a mountain of stuff to report, so I'm just going to lump it into one big post. And this is it!

1. Richard Freeman, with more on the Yokai (keep a look out for Richard's forthcoming book on Japanese monsters, which promises to be the definitive guide to the subject);

2. Great Snakes One; Two; Three; Four; Five; and Six.

3. The "Sasqwatch"!

4. From The Anomalist over the last couple of days:

Slum Dog MonsterQuest Cryptomundo. Exclusive photos from the June 10th broadcast of MonsterQuest about the “Monkey Man." Sightings of this half-man, half-ape and its vicious nocturnal attacks in India's capital caused headlines around the world. Three people died and dozens were hospitalized fleeing the creature, but a search by 3,000 police officers came up empty handed. Also, a follow-up in Ogopogo” Photos: Analytic Overlay.

The Monster of Glamis CFI. Glamis Castle, in Scotland, is a famous place, best known as the most haunted "house" in Britain. Among the tales associated with this property is the strange story of the Monster of Glamis. In the early nineteenth century, the wife of the then Earl of Strathmore gave birth in the castle to an heir who was so hideously deformed that the family took the decision to lock the boy away in a secret room, denying him the chance to succeed to the earldom. Mike Dash tracks the story. Where did the tale of the Monster come from? Who told the story first, and why?

Ogopogo Photos” Update Cryptomundo. Another photograph has been released from the “Ogopogo” series taken in August 2008. The post includes some comments from Ogopogo researcher and filmmaker Sean Viloria. And Loren Coleman reveals what he thinks one photograph represents. Also, on NPR, an interview with Joshua B. Buhs, the author of the new book Bigfoot: The Life and Times of a Legend.

Do Dinosaurs Still Exist? LiveScience. Professional skeptic Benjamin Radford doubts the existence of dinosaurs swimming in Loch Ness, Lake Okanagan, Lake Champlain and Lake Nahuel. He also doubts the existence of Mokele Mbembe in central Africa. Are you surprised? Elsewhere, Loren Coleman ties together some animal antics with the phase of Earth's nightly luminary in the Cryptomundo post Full Moon Watch: Animal Escapees and Attacks. Meanwhile, at Cryptozoology Online, Jon Downes comments on the posting at another site in Montauk Monster Revealed. With photos. Has another mystery been laid to rest?

5. My latest Lair of the Beasts post at on the Ghost-Hound of Texas.

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