Thursday, June 4, 2009

Champ Surfaces?

Is this Champ - one of the world's most famous monsters? The story seems to be taking off here, there and everywhere! There's a piece of stabilized video-footage to view, as well as a lively comments-section.


cryptidsrus said...

My opinion---


This was after much deliberation.

Neil A said...

I just don't think this is a lake monster, and once again the crypto community gets over-excited. I've seen numerous pieces of footage regarding 'Champ' - first there was the Sandra Mansi photo, then a few years back on tv show 'Sightings' I saw a very clear piece of footage of what seemed to be fish that everyone was claiming to be the monster. It's exactly the same as Nessie, and of course, these pieces of footage, however clear, fail once again to provide an answer, and whilst they do great things for the staying power of the legend, I'm always suspicious. I don't think it's a monster or unknown aquatic animal.