Wednesday, June 17, 2009

From Werewolves to Bigfoot

Intriguing and definitely worth checking out!


AWT said...

An interesting argument, it kind of reminds me of the notion that sightings of "grayliens" in the modern age have replaced encounters with angels and demons (from the Middle Ages). However, a problem w/Dr.Regal's apparently folklore-"collective consciousness" -based explanation is that it must reject all physical evidence of hominoids (i.e., that they actually exist in a flesh-and-blood sense). Although no Sasquatch specimens have admittedly been found, I'm not prepared to completely dismiss their physical existence on this basis.
Another point: various native American tribes, particularly from the PNW, w/no knowledge of Darwin's ideas described apelike giants (or very primitive humans) as inhabitants of their world.

cryptidsrus said...

I agree with AWT.
And one also has to think of the "supernatural" explanation for werewolf sightings. "supernatural" in the sense of "natural phenomena" that has not been explained yet.

Of course most mainstream scientists would never think of this.

Good post, overall.