Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rendlesham Mystery Animals in "Beyond"

The new issue (No. 14) of Britain's Beyond Magazine has an article from me on one of the nation's most mysterious locations: Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk. Although chiefly known for its famous UFO incident of December 1980, the forest has been a hotbed of unusual animal activity for years. My article includes a wealth of stories concerning sightings in the forest of big cats, ghostly black dogs and a strange creature that became known as the Shug-Monkey. And only a stone's throw away, I reveal, is a place called Orford - the site of a centuries old "Wild Man"-type encounter. If you thought that UFOs were the strangest thing about Rendlesham Forest, it's time to think again!
Also: check out Karl Shuker's article in the same issue on lake-monsters.

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