Wednesday, March 5, 2008

CFZ Yearbooks - Back In Print

Well, I'm pleased to announce that the CFZ has just re-issued in perfect, bound-format two of its older, previously self-published titles: The CFZ 1996 Yearbook and The CFZ 1999 Yearbook.

These are very welcome new editions of the now hard to find originals, and are packed with masses of material from earlier years of the CFZ's research and work.

Within the pages of the 1996 edition you'll find papers on Sky-Beasts and Cloud-Creatures by Dr. Karl Shuker; the legendary "black dog" known as Black Shuck; out-of-place big-cats; flying snakes; dinosaur survival; the Loch Ness Monster; and much more.

The 1999 edition offers much too, including a lengthy paper from Jon Downes and Richard Freeman on the question of whether or not pockets of neanderthals still survive; the Beast of Bluebell Hill; and a host of other papers on all-things cryptozoological.

Both books come with brand new introductions by Jon Downes that reveal welcome information on the original editions, and, for those that weren't there to see it, thoughts and memories on what life was like at the CFZ in its formative years.

For me personally, it's good to see that the early research, files, papers and articles of the CFZ have not been lost to the fog of time and are becoming available - and in professionally produced volumes for all to see, no less.

You won't be disappointed by these two new CFZ titles - guaranteed!

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