Friday, March 7, 2008

Captured On Film: But What Is It?

New footage of, well, something caught on film. To view it, scroll down the page-link and click on the "Latest Video" section. It's very brief, but intriguing. As The Blogsquatcher notes: "The host looks properly spooked about it..."


AWT said...

Thanks for the post, Nick. It's always of special interest to get "crypto" news or observations from nontraditional sources like hunting/outdoor sports shows and websites. Here in the Mid-South, I've found them they have been a great source of reports- which is not necessarily the same thing as being a source of great reports, one must keep in mind- for mystery felid/black panther sightings.
Regarding the footage taken from the stealth cam, I wish there were some measure of scale in the frame, other than the fifteen feet of distance from the lens (according to the narrator). Perhaps there was, but it wasn't apparent to me from 2-3 viewings. I was concentrating on the subject. Clearly, the subject can't be a misidentified deer or bear.
The subject looks to me like a guy in a costume from "The Legend of Boggy Creek." The hair/coat is similarly thick or shaggy and obscures features of the skin and build (which looks more like padding than defined musculature). The subject's body and arms seem proportioned well within that expected for a human, albeit rather stocky. Also, its features seem to have been obscured by its position relative to the sun. I'm not completely sure that the subject's a "guy in a suit," but there's nothing from the brief footage to convince me otherwise, either, and that is the simpler explanation than it being a nonhuman bipedal primate.
Any idea where the footage came from, geographically?

Nick Redfern said...


Right now, "The Blogsquatcher" is following up on all this, so I'm hopeful we'll get to see some interesting results, whateve "it" is or isn't!

Here's his latest blog post on the controversy:

It does look a bit "Boggy Creek"-like though, I have to admit.