Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Regan Lee on the "Paranormal Bigfoot"

At her Trickster's Realm column at Binall of America, Regan Lee says: "The idea of 'paranormal Bigfoot' and supernatural or paranormal phenomena with other cryptic creatures is hard for some to take seriously. (It was for me, at first, many years ago.) But go deeper, and you’ll find something even stranger: some sort of bizarre connection between shadowy military, paramilitary, mind control and psy-op factions and strange creatures, such as Mothman, Bigfoot, and others."

Here's the rest of Regan's article.

If you are of the belief that Bigfoot is merely a flesh-and-blood animal - albeit one that is not yet categorized - the article is likely to raise your blood-pressure to significant degrees.

If like me, however, you are of the view that there is something decidedly weird about Bigfoot, you'll find it thoughtful and intriguing!

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Regan Lee said...

Thanks Nick for the plug.

I don't know what to think of these stories, but I find them wonderfully Fortean and just plain, deliciously strange!