Monday, March 3, 2008

Lisa Shiel, Bigfoot and the Paranormal

Lisa Shiel digs further into the controversy of Bigfoot and the Paranormal:

"Must a Bigfoot-type creature seen with a UFO or other high strangeness be called something other than Bigfoot? Many researchers would say yes. Why?They often have quasi-logical explanations for saying creatures spotted with UFOs aren't Bigfoot, even though the beasties look like Bigfoot. But the real explanation lies in the underbelly of Bigfoot research—the researchers' feelings. Too often emotion becomes entangled with the investigation, as the researcher struggles to justify throwing out sightings that disturb him. High strangeness associated with Bigfoot clearly disturbs a lot of people. Therefore, researchers attempt to separate the so-called flesh-and-blood Bigfoot from the so-called paranormal Bigfoot. But there's a problem.Bigfoot is paranormal, no matter how you view it."

Here's the rest of Lisa's post.

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