Monday, July 14, 2008


If you're into werewolves, check out this fascinating interview at Raven's Mysterious Haven - you won't be disappointed!

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cryptidsrus said...

That was a truly great interview and I told Raven that over at her blog. Truly terrifying account, as well. I think most of us would drop dead at the sight of a 7'6" wolf-thing. Yowza.

Glad to see Davis also went outside of the box and speculated on the fact that these beings might be "outside" nature---that is, the result of genetic manipulation...I've always had the feeling a lot of these creatures might have been "created," not born

I'm guessing Atlantis "leftovers"?
If that's one cup of tea...

I also did put a long post out there about the definition of what we these things are. Are they really "traditional" werewolves (i.e., humans with the curse of lycanthropy) or just genetically mutated wolves?

Nobody's ever asked that before. Raven agreed with me. Good for my self-esteem, if I do say so myself. (Chuckle.)

I don't mind calling them werewolves, I just don;t want people confusing them with something out of Buffy or John Landis movies or Transylvanian tourist boards. No need for silver bullets.