Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today's Crypto-News

Well, I've been tied up with one thing and another...and, so it's just a quick post courtesy of The Anomalist, and business as usual tomorrow:

Website Users Share Lake Norman Monster Sightings Lake Norman, the largest lake in North Carolina, is believed by many area residents to be the home of a monster. What they're not sure of is what kind of monster it is. Is "Normie" a giant catfish, a catfish/carp cross, an alligator-type beast...or something else? In other monster reports today, there's the story of a mysterious creature believed to prowl Lancaster County, PA, as explained in Philadelphia Weirdness and from England there's a report of a New Big Cat Sighting. Meanwhile, Loren Coleman at Cryptomundo is reporting on a recent new image that emerged from the area around Mt. Hood. Check out the enlarged photo at New Bigfoot Photo? Is it a new picture of Sasquatch, or just a blobsquatch?


cryptidsrus said...

Some people are doing good work at Loren's site with the Sasquatch photo. I remain an agnostic on this one. To be honest I want it to be "the one" but I reluctantly agree with people there that this is just too (predictably and once again) ambiguous for any real identification.

People are seeing a "bearded guy" to the left of the beast. I cannot see it. If I were to hazard a guess I'd say it is a trick of light and shadows. Other folks have said the same thing.

It is strange that the guy was able to photograph the beast so well and make it be in the very center of the photograph while leaning out the window of his car. And driving at that. Other people have pointed this out. But, once again, I remain agnostic.

No obvious signs of photoshopping. And not a blobsquatch at first glance.

Interesting bit (again, pointed out before)---the creature has no neck. Looks Patty-like.

Still don't see the "guy" in the photo to the left of him. Or right, for that matter. My already weak eyesight must be going. Maybe you can.

Nick Redfern said...

It's interesting, but I haven't had chance to have a good look at it yet, and read all the comments etc at cryptomundo, but will be doing so tonight. With this and Monster Quest from last night to watch, it's gonna be a monstrous night...

Deby said...

Looking at the size of the grasses and logs in the foreground and comparing that to the size of the creature and the background, my eyes say that's a very small Bigfoot. But on a comical note ... to the left of the creature in question, there is a tan spot that looks just like Teddy Roosevelt! LOL

cryptidsrus said...

You know, other people were saying that too, Deby!!!

cryptidsrus said...

Ironically, Teddy supposedly heard Sasquatch sounds while hunting with his buddies in a forest. This was before he became president. Weird coincidence at that.