Sunday, July 20, 2008

Anomalist News

Check out the following (thanks to The Anomalist) reported this weekend:

Scientist Seeks Biggest Freshwater Fish AOL News. In Thailand's Maeklong River lives the astonishingly large freshwater stingray. American biologist Zeb Hogan is angling for this species in an effort to eclipse the record for the largest freshwater fish, a record that currently belongs to the Mekong giant catfish. With photos and slideshow. Meanwhile, at Cryptomundo, Loren Coleman takes exception with those who try to discredit a famed cryptozoologist by saying nothing the researcher wrote about in his most acclaimed book has ever been verified, as reported in The Reality of Post-Heuvelmans Discoveries, and at American Chronicle UFO researcher Steve Bass turns his attention to cryptozoology, briefly, to ask Is Bigfoot an Alien?


cryptidsrus said...

Is Bigfoot an alien?

The answer (I think) would be:

In some cases---yes.

I get that from reading Lisa A. Shiel. "Backyard Bigfoot" and her blog make a strong case for that.

I liked the thread on Heuvelmans. His work and legacy live on.
Thanks for the reseach, Bernard.

There is a possibility that Sasquatch could have been genetically manipulated ages ago by Atlantis's inhabitants. Or alien races did it. At least Shiel and others give one pause to think.
"Far-fetched" to some, of course, but Shiel gives one pause

Nick Redfern said...

While I think the actual origin of Bigfoot is something that is going to provoke debate for a long time, there's no doubt in my mind that it's far more than a mere flesh and blood mystery ape.