Monday, October 6, 2008

Bigfoot at The Anomalist

Here's a few interesting Bigfoot posts from The Anomalist this past weekend:

Foothills Shadowed in Paranormal Phenomena Union Democrat. The area around Tuolumne County, California, is noted for Bigfoot sightings and other reports of high strangeness. With thirty-three Bigfoot sightings, the county ranks third in the nation in that department, but there have also been reports of UFOs and a "salivating half-lizard, half-dog like creature in a man's backyard." Join retired firefighter Bob Strain as he goes "calling for Bigfoot." Of course Tuolumne County, CA, isn't the only place with a Bigfoot history, as you'll see in Bigfoot Lore Alive in Estacada Area. And further north, Bigfoot news has made quite an impact, as noted in Just a Little Big, Hairy Idea. Meanwhile, reading and Bigfoot both get a boost as Crowd Cheers Bigfoot Banned Book Reading.

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