Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Beast of Bryn Boncath

If you have checked out my blog on the British Bigfoot - titled Man-Beast UK - you'll probably remember seeing an excellent illustration there of the glowing-eyed creature itself drawn by a friend of mine in Wales named Simon Wyatt.

Well, the good news is that Simon - a highly-skilled artist - has just struck a deal to have his graphic-novel, titled Unbelievable, published.

And as the publisher (Insomnia Publications) says about the book:

"Unbelievable is a dark masterpiece that weaves strands of Welsh legend, modern murder, mystery and horror with a dash of cryptozoology that wonders: What if seeing isn’t always believing, but believing will allow you to see?"

Here's the link for more details; and I'll keep you informed of all the developments on what looks to be a great project.

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