Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Anomalist Crypto

There's several good crypto-posts over at The Anomalist today that are definitely worth reading:

Recent Central Illinois Giant Bird Sighting Rings Familiar BioFort. On Sunday, a long time, avid outdoorsman saw two giant birds, probably 10 to 15 feet above the ground. The birds had a wing span of at least 10 feet. What were they?
The Search for the Buru Lancaster Eagle-Gazette. Marc Miller is a psychologist and cryptozoologist in Ohio. After reading Loren Coleman’s book, Cryptozoology A to Z, he became interested in the Buru, a large, unknown lizard thought by some to have lived in the remote valleys of the Himalayas of Assam in the northeast corner of India. Coleman mentioned that the journalist, Ralph Izzard, among others, had led an expedition in 1948 in search of the Buru. After obtaining Izzard’s journal, Miller attempted to follow his exact expedition. The first in a five-part series.
Filming Migo, the monster of Lake Dakataua.

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cryptidsrus said...

Liked the "Bird Sightings," Nick. Sounds like "Thunderbird"-like creatures to me. Hope more are seen.In a related note, I thank Loren for writing about the Buru. Good article about a little-known subject.