Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Neil Arnold Reviews "Man-Monkey"

Neil Arnold, author of the book Monster!, reviews my book Man-Monkey and says: "Cryptozoology needs books like this. Intriguing, sinister and complex mysteries that go beyond the standard fair so often regurgitated in today's market. Nick Redfern has finally investigated one of the UK's most baffling enigmas, the possibility that a Bigfoot-like beast once roamed the wilds of Shropshire, alongside other very weird phenomena. Redfern delves into the history of high strangeness in the county, uncovering all manner of peculiar characters, man-beast sightings, further mystery animal reports and general oddness. Like all Redfern's work, this is well-written without taking the reader off the shadowy path. 'Man-Monkey' is a glimpse not just into the dark woods but a torch beam flitting into the murky void of 'zooform phenomena', where the things that should not be clearly have been for many years, eluding man and rational explanation."
Cheers, Neil!

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