Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cryptozoology Abounds In "Beyond"

A few days ago I happened to mention that Beyond Magazine in the UK had extensively interviewed me for their new issue (Issue 12) on the subject of my book, Memoirs of a Monster Hunter (Here's my original post, with links to the Beyond website).

I neglected to alert you to the fact that the entire issue is packed with cryptozoological gems. In the "Famous Cases Revisited" section of the magazine, CFZ Director Jon Downes has a 9-page article on the strange, dark and bizarre story of Britain's Owlman - surely the closest thing that Britain has to the Mothman of Point Pleasant, West Virginia - which was the subject of Jon's book The Owlman and Others.

The same issue of Beyond also includes a fascinating article from Dr. Karl Shuker titled "From Earth Hounds to Monkey Birds," and which, over 8-pages, reveals startling and fascinating data on some very weird critters from the British Isles - including a sea-serpent moving on the land late at night; mystery lizards; and a very strange beast seen in the late 1960s and that sounds like a cross between the Jersey Devil, a gargoyle, and the aforementioned Owlman and Mothman.


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