Monday, May 4, 2009

The Other Side of Truth

This just in from good friend Paul Kimball - of Halifax, Nova Scotia - regarding a new TV show that I'll be working on (with Paul, Greg Bishop and Mac Tonnies) and which will be covering a wealth of Fortean issues, including cryptozoology:

"A couple of years ago I developed a paranormal talk show for television. I shelved it when other projects took off, but I never forgot about it. A little while ago, I dusted it off, and it will be headed into production in November. Joining me on the panel for all thirteen episodes will be my good friends, all card-carrying members of the paranormal Rat Pack, Mac Tonnies, Greg Bishop and Nick Redfern. We'll be discussing a wide range of paranormal topics, from UFOs to bigfoot, ghosts to remote viewing, and so forth. Each episode will be one hour in length. Redstar is co-producing the series with my friend Chuck Calder and 45 North here in Halifax. More details will be available as the summer and fall progress, but here's another one I can provide now: the title, The Other Side of Truth. Naturally! Paul Kimball."

Like Paul, I'll keep you updated on what should turn out to be a very cool series.


Simon said...

Sounds cool! Do you know if it'll be broadcast in Blighty (via satellite channels?)

Nick Redfern said...

Cheers, Si! No, I don't know the actual broadcast info as yet; but soon as I know more, I'll update it here.