Wednesday, May 27, 2009

From Today's Anomalist...

Check out the following from today's Anomalist:

I Was Rugby-tackled by a Yowie, Man Claims The Australian. Well-known Australian cryptozoologist Tim the Yowie Man, "who uses no surname and can be almost as elusive as his quarry," has been on the hunt during recent rainy weather in southeast Queensland. Another Yowie tracker, Dean Harrison of Australian Yowie Research, has also been in the area and makes the claim of physical contact with one of the legendary creatures.


cryptidsrus said...

How does the "first timer" know Harrison hit himself with a rock?
Did he actaully SEE the chap do it?
Amazing. :(
Just amazing.

Independent said...

It's more amazing that Harrison "found" and cast a human footprint as evidence.

Harrison's account is full of holes and inconsistencies. He claims to have been knocked 12 feet from an impact in the chest yet no marks or bruising there whatsoever. 2 significant bruises on his thighs - one appears to be an abrasion (on inner thigh - go figure) and the other shows that he was struc by an object with a clearly defined edge.

This is a hoax. False claims and evidence must be challanged.