Monday, October 29, 2007

Coast to Coast and Crypto

Over at The Debris Field, Lesley reviews my appearance on last week's Coast to Coast radio-show with George Noory, where I discussed my latest book, Memoirs of a Monster Hunter.


Chandira said...

Nick, I'm happy you have a blog! I am just really enjoying reading Three Men Seeking Monsters at the moment, and loving every minute!!
I grew up hearing tales of the Exmoor Beast, so it's a real treat.. My dad's Godfather even saw it once, many years ago. He's dead now, sadly, but a serious, down to earth sheep farmer never had a reason to lie.

Thanks for the giggles.
I was wondering though, why there is no mention of Lair of the White Worm, the Ken Russell movie of the Lampton Worm story. Great viewing..

Much love

Nick Redfern said...

Hi Chandira:

Yeah I liked the Russell film when it came out, haven't seen it for years now though (maybe at least 15).
I did think about referencing it in the book, but never got around to it.


Chandira said...

Thanks Nick.
Yeah, I guessed it wasn't that you hadn't seen it. I have the urge to watch that again now. It's been a while.
Your book is one of those that I don't want to keep reading, just because I don't want to turn the last page and have no more to read... But, I can't put it down.

It's so nice to be reminded of home, the weirder side of it. It's also nice to read something by a fellow countryman who moved over here to this crazy country. There's a whole lot of weird in the US, isn't there?? Wow.
I'm living in Seattle now, so am looking out for my first Sasquatch encounter.
Chances are pretty high, I'm one of those people that weird sh*t happens to! I'll let you know. ;-)