Thursday, July 8, 2010


From today's Anomalist:

"Breaking News: Bigfoot Found in North America Cryptomundo. With part of the headline reading "Documented Events Reveal Sasquatch Lives," Craig Woolheater gets some Bigfoot afficionados' blood pumping with a short release from Overnight AM broadcasters claiming a family of Bigfoots have taken up residence in the backyard of a 70-year-old retired veteran's home in an unannounced location. Woolheater provides a link to the broadcast that features the alleged eyewitness. Reportedly, UFO Magazine and Clearly Skewed Entertainment have a film crew on the way to the site. PLEASE NOTE: Loren Coleman says the editor of UFO Magazine has been contacted and reports Breaking Bigfoot Story: Holes Developing. Is another Georgia Bigfoot event beginning to take shape?"

I say: yep, let's all just see how this develops - or doesn't!!

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