Thursday, March 25, 2010

Monster Quest and the Gable Film

Well, last night was the final episode - ever - of the History Channel's Monster Quest series. And they certainly went out in style - and controversial style too!

The episode was a good one, in the sense that it presented some very notable testimony concerning Werewolf/Dogman type creatures seen roaming around the woods of northern USA. In addition, Linda Godfrey (of Hunting the American Werewolf and Beast of Bray Road fame) and Raven Miendel (of Raven's Mysterious Haven) made valuable and welcome on-screen contributions about the Werewolf phenomenon.

Much of the show, however, was devoted to a study of the highly controversial Gable Film, said to show a Werewolf-type beast filmed in the 1970s and making a meal of the cameraman in the process.

Sadly - and maybe inevitably - it was revealed to be nothing more than a hoax. And, although the film now resides in the realm of fiction rather than reality, this should not take away the fact that there is still a highly impressive body of witness testimony available that is relative to the Dogmen of Michigan and Wisconsin - so let's all remember that, and focus on the positive.

Here's Linda's thoughts on the Gable Film saga.

And, I noted while reading Linda's post that - further down - she talks about being invited onto Nikki Sixx's radio-show! Sixx is, of course, the bassist in one of my all-time favorite bands: Motley Crue!

And, now that Linda is hanging out with the Crue, perhaps I should mail her my spare black-leather jacket and a few skull-rings...?

Finally, Raven has prepared her own statement on the Gable affair too, which makes for very good reading.


Linda Godfrey said...

LOL, you're on, Nick. Nikki Sixx and I did get along well - he is a thoughtful and intelligent host.

Nick Redfern said...

Hey Linda

Yes, he is. His autobiography makes for powerful reading.

Raven's Mysterious Haven said...

Nikki Sixx's show? Sweet,Linda!
That's awesome!

And thanks for the kind words Nick!

Nick Redfern said...

You're welcome, R!

Andrea Allison said...

Heard rumors MonsterQuest was coming to an end. Didn't know they were true. Sorry to see it go...

Nick Redfern said...


It's a shame to see it end. But, I do think at times the show seemed to run out of steam and they started focusing on things like killer-chimps and large snakes.

It wasn't that those episodes weren't interesting, but (for me) they weren't exactly crypto.

So, maybe they did the right thing: go out while you're ahead.

Neil A said...

Hold on a minute..Linda Godfrey met Nikki Sixx!!!! Whooaaa! Nikki is my hero...Linda, get me on that show!!

Nick Redfern said...


LOL, yes, I knew you would like that - unlike Jon D's neighbors, who weren't so happy with us playing the Crue outside at full-blast at midnight last summer!