Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cannock Chase - The Weirdness Continues

As I revealed last week, not content with being home to giant-cats, Bigfoot-style entities and even werewolves, Britain's Cannock Chase woods are also fast becoming a beacon for activity of a distinctly ghostly-kind.

And on this specific issue, here's the very latest from the Stafford Post newspaper that covers the area in question:

Last week's chilling tale of a ghostly female figure on the Chase has spawned a stream of X File reports from Stafford readers.
One housewife rang us to say her mother-in-law, now deceased, also saw the alien on a rain-lashed November 40 years ago.
She was driving on the Milford Road and had just passed Shugborough when she saw a bedraggled woman by the side of the road.
Our reader takes up the story: "My mother-in-law thought, 'she must be soaked' and offered her a lift. She was immediately struck by her clothes - the woman was shabbily dressed and her clothes were not in keeping with the times.
"They chatted and there was no sign of anything untoward."
But the driver never forgot what happened next.
"She dropped the lady off in Newport Road, Stafford, turned her head for less than a second and when she looked back the figure had vanished - disappeared-into thin air. She could not possibly have moved from the scene in that short space of time and my mother-in-law never forgot the encounter."
A 30-year-old resident will never forget the summer's day he went fishing, with his dad, to Hopton Pools.
It was 13 years ago, but the events of that day will always stick in his memory.
"Suddenly there was the sound of swords clashing together and the whistles of arrows flying over our head. There was not a soul about for miles, but we could hear a full-scale battle taking place around us."
Hopton was the scene of a bloody civil war encounter and there have been a number of reports of locals claiming to hear the battle.


Deryck said...

Arrows? Assuming the war referred to was that between the Parliamentarians and Royalists (1642-45 and 1648-49)the only missile weapons deployed were firelocks,cannons and mortars.

Gray said...

As an investigator of the ufo subject, stories of ghostly happenings abound on the Cannock Chase. Nick's first story tells of a bedraggled lady near Shugborough. I have two such other accounts of strange goings on in that exact spot and there is no doubt that its history is one steeped in the paranormal; check out the 'Devil's Hole' and the Devil's Crucible' both in ear shot of the bedraggled lady storey. Graham Allen (investigator)

Nick Redfern said...

Hi Graham
Great to hear from you! And many thanks for the info.

Gray said...

Happy New Year Nick, there are a few FT sightings of late; maybe an interesting year for the Cannock Chase !

Nick Redfern said...

And a very happy new year to you and all the family too!